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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

In the world of moms and children, some are crafty and artistic.  Others, like me, just have good intentions!  

Sure, my 3 yr old prince can OUT draw me. But, that didn’t stop us from taking a cardboard box and some outdoor materials and turning them into a Three Little Pigs’ story board.

With words to go over like pile, sturdy, chimney, caulderon, straw, hay, sticks, wood, and outsmarted…who doesn’t love retelling a classic?  Check us out AND the prince’s drawing of the pig alongside his writing.  Cool stuff huh?

Don’t quite remember the way a story went?  Wing it!  It’s YOUR story book.  Besides, Parent Power is not about owning lots of books, or having art supplies, or being very artistic.  It’s about knowing YOU as a parent have what it takes to get the job done and doing it!

Get some.  


If you appreciate this blog and my work, please consider donating $10 (or more) the the children of Puerto Rico, which I’m working with.  Thank you.

Prepositions are a BIG deal in literacy and ALL over kindergarten and first grade academic standards.  There are a hundred ways to teach them to toddlers and preschoolers.  Worksheets are one of them.  They are just not my thing.

Here’s how we do prepositions.  Walk with me down Preposition Ln.

Do you really think this is in any way INFERIOR to a worksheet or some fancy printed kinder prep book? ‘Cmmon folks…neural pathways are being constructed in this video.   There is a Preposition Lane in every city and in every block.  Go play your way through learning!

ParentPower! Get some.

My prince is finally 3.  Actually, we are right at that 3 yrs and 2 months mark.  Suddenly, he’s not so much a baby.  The boy inside him stares at me each morning and speaks in sentences. 

Last I took a trip down video memory lane with a few videos from my personal archive.  Watching him brought filled my heart and eyes with joyful tears.  As a parent you get to see your children develop every day.  It is a wonderful priviledge.  I always ask parents to tell me what their children ARE doing before they go on about what they are NOT.  Otherwise, you dishonor the process.  But that’s just my opinion anyways.

So here it is, one of my first, sentimental entry posts on Parenthings.  It was bound to happen.  What’s a little Parent Power without emotions anyways? 

Here are some videos of the prince (and I) singing 6-7 months ago.  Even though I can barely carry a tune, we sing a lot in my house.  Mostly because it’s free, fun, and OH so educational.  That’s is right up my Parenthings Alley!

Remember to let your kid’s BE.  Even when he’s sitting, the prince is usually fidgeting or half-way doing a headstand.  Children have to learn that sometimes it is necessary to sit still and listen to a teacher or get through dinner at a restaurant.  Building self-control in preschoolers and toddlers can and should be done.  But during these years, if you are trying to sing a song, make a poster, or get through a book and your little one is ATTENTIVELY squirming…it’s okay, relax!

I laught at the diaper on the couch everytime.  Don’t worry, it’s clean.  We actually put it on a stuffed flamingo that night!

Singing is always more fun when it involves his hands!

SING to and with your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Rhyming words, begining sounds, phonemic awareness…you will be so glad you fiddled with songs years 0-5, once you’re officially introduced to kindergarten and first grade language standards. 

Parent Power can always be found in a song.  Get some!

I’m a video girl but pics are pretty cool too!

Check out last week’s book adventures.

Count Your Way through Japan (book)

Later on that night, a bite to eat & walk through art gallery  

Tip: It’s about the experience. Split the night’s special.

(tip and all $12)


A Very Hungry Caterpillar


Farm adventures fit for a prince.

All items bought at the dollar store!


 I’m just a regular mom, doing regular things. 😉

Let’s help our kids fall in love with learning.

Parent Power. Get some!

NOTE: My apologies for the absence.  I have been doing good work.  Serving children in my community and preparing the prince for preschool.  I missed you all dearly!

I have always said, “If we want to build kids that love literacy, we have to make stories come alive!”  I stand by that.  But it’s more than “stories.” 

I’m a non-fiction girl at heart.  The world is full of wonder if we just take the time to look.  Lucky for us, tots are always looking.  They love NON-FICTION!  Use (new, used, or rent) books and magazines (age-appropriate if possible) and make them come alive through projects, acting, side-by-side paintings, and so on.  The more involved, the more brain connections!  Make your own non-fiction books too. 

Check out a few videos of the prince and I going over our book on shells. 

Let’s get it done!  Parent Power is the best and only way.

Some of us cringe when we think of exposing our babies to science and nature; mostly, because we 1. KNOW we don’t do enough and 2. aren’t sure how to go about it.

Deep breath guys, it really as easy as anything else and VERY economical.  Talk about trees, flowers, bugs, clouds, soil, water, etc. as you are walking by these things, no special equipment necessary.  It turns out, nature is free and all around us! (whatdoyaknow)

If you absolutely feel the need to spend some money, 4-5 dry beans + some dirt + some water will most likey yield sprouts and sprouts will lead to bugs and bugs will lead to more science lessons. 

In the words of my prince “You can do it Mommy, yeah, you can do it!”

Parent Power!

Movement and development are related.  Brains bring meaning to experiences but it is the body that creates them!  Whenever we are in a funk (or rained in), the prince and I build obstacles courses right in our living room.  All that moving around get rid of any mellow mood.  Obstacle courses build large motor skills, are practically free, super fun, and they really do build brain connections. 

Here are a couple of ideas.  Turn off the TV.  Go make an obstacle course!

Parent Power doesn’t come with a price tag.  Get some.

NOTE: The prince and I were first introduced to this idea via our Brain Activity Packet (household favorite).  I love the work being done through Brain Insights!  Please visit the BrainInsights blog and follow Deborah McNelis on Twitter @braininsights!  For more product information visit