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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Baby Doll Slings and Nursing Cover Sets


Baby dolls come with baby bottles and that’s how it all starts!  The benefits of “wearing” our babies and nursing them are too great to miss.  How odd is it to have a society that’s conditioned to keep babies in car seat type carriers and formula feed them?  So much so that we include it in pretend play and condition our daughters?  You know what I say?  Let’s change it!   Baby doll slings and matching nursing covers, how great is  that? 

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From real prenatal care with a focus on brain development to infant excercises to toddler friendly recipes, preschool TV-free early games, and more…every parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or caregiver could use a little help.  Parenthings is introducing SKYPE coaching! Real, useful one on one coaching that is guaranteed to enrich your parenting experience!  As a part of my commitment to you, I will tailor the coaching to each caregiver’s specific needs.  Most caregivers just need one to two sessions and each session includes an emailed document with a summary of tips.  Best of all, Parenthings sessions are priced for everyone to afford. 

Initial Parenthings Coaching 1.5 hrs for $25

Additional 1hr sessions $20 hr

4 hrs+ packages $15 hr

Invest in your piece of mind and SAVE money with hundreds of cost cutting tips!  Learn to make your own baby food, toys, literacy and math games, play dough, and much more!  Sessions are not just for moms either! They are great for dads, aunts, uncles, & grandparents.  The perfect baby shower gift.

Schedules are flexible. Spaces limited.

For scheduling inquiries:  Once a schedule is established, we will discuss age of children and desired topics to be covered via email with a complimentary “30 minutes” preliminary session to set up an agenda for sessions via phone or chat.  Topics for sessions can include but should not limited to nutrient rich recipes, attachment excercises, preliteracy and numeracy games, green cleaning practices, musicality, excercise, crafts, etc.

We accept credit card & Pay Pal payments.  Available in Spanish

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