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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Movement and development are related.  Brains bring meaning to experiences but it is the body that creates them!  Whenever we are in a funk (or rained in), the prince and I build obstacles courses right in our living room.  All that moving around get rid of any mellow mood.  Obstacle courses build large motor skills, are practically free, super fun, and they really do build brain connections. 

Here are a couple of ideas.  Turn off the TV.  Go make an obstacle course!

Parent Power doesn’t come with a price tag.  Get some.

NOTE: The prince and I were first introduced to this idea via our Brain Activity Packet (household favorite).  I love the work being done through Brain Insights!  Please visit the BrainInsights blog and follow Deborah McNelis on Twitter @braininsights!  For more product information visit


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