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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

NOTE: My apologies for the absence.  I have been doing good work.  Serving children in my community and preparing the prince for preschool.  I missed you all dearly!

I have always said, “If we want to build kids that love literacy, we have to make stories come alive!”  I stand by that.  But it’s more than “stories.” 

I’m a non-fiction girl at heart.  The world is full of wonder if we just take the time to look.  Lucky for us, tots are always looking.  They love NON-FICTION!  Use (new, used, or rent) books and magazines (age-appropriate if possible) and make them come alive through projects, acting, side-by-side paintings, and so on.  The more involved, the more brain connections!  Make your own non-fiction books too. 

Check out a few videos of the prince and I going over our book on shells. 

Let’s get it done!  Parent Power is the best and only way.


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