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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

My prince is finally 3.  Actually, we are right at that 3 yrs and 2 months mark.  Suddenly, he’s not so much a baby.  The boy inside him stares at me each morning and speaks in sentences. 

Last I took a trip down video memory lane with a few videos from my personal archive.  Watching him brought filled my heart and eyes with joyful tears.  As a parent you get to see your children develop every day.  It is a wonderful priviledge.  I always ask parents to tell me what their children ARE doing before they go on about what they are NOT.  Otherwise, you dishonor the process.  But that’s just my opinion anyways.

So here it is, one of my first, sentimental entry posts on Parenthings.  It was bound to happen.  What’s a little Parent Power without emotions anyways? 

Here are some videos of the prince (and I) singing 6-7 months ago.  Even though I can barely carry a tune, we sing a lot in my house.  Mostly because it’s free, fun, and OH so educational.  That’s is right up my Parenthings Alley!

Remember to let your kid’s BE.  Even when he’s sitting, the prince is usually fidgeting or half-way doing a headstand.  Children have to learn that sometimes it is necessary to sit still and listen to a teacher or get through dinner at a restaurant.  Building self-control in preschoolers and toddlers can and should be done.  But during these years, if you are trying to sing a song, make a poster, or get through a book and your little one is ATTENTIVELY squirming…it’s okay, relax!

I laught at the diaper on the couch everytime.  Don’t worry, it’s clean.  We actually put it on a stuffed flamingo that night!

Singing is always more fun when it involves his hands!

SING to and with your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Rhyming words, begining sounds, phonemic awareness…you will be so glad you fiddled with songs years 0-5, once you’re officially introduced to kindergarten and first grade language standards. 

Parent Power can always be found in a song.  Get some!


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