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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Recent events (natural and man-made) continue to remind us on how connected we really hare, which is why ’round here: we play with globes!   Believe it or not, my prince identifies most of the continents and major countries within them.  He also understands countries speak different languages, eat differen’t foods, and have different music. Souns fancy right? Ummm, its not.  We just play around with this stuffed globe, Youtube, and a CD player for world music (my favorite part.)  Here’s a video of one of our geography sessions:

On the video, what you see is our “warm up.”   Once we have hit a few “I don’t knows,”  I switch to playing with ball (throw back and forth).  Everytime either of us “catches” the world, we have to identify a location our hand touched.  The prince usually “cheats” and tries to find/repeat which ever location I say, which honestly, is exactly what I want!

Globe +  2 year old + mom = too much like right.

Parent Power.  This is what we do!


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