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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

For some reason, moms seem to think babies (infants + toddlers + preschoolers = babies) need to constantly be “entertained” or “taught” in a way that requires a lot of energy.  Whether I’m doing community work, consulting clients, or talking to friends, the idea of turning off the television always scares and overwhelms moms.  I believe it’s that “a lot of energy” myth. 


Recently, my prince pulled his high chair to the kitchen while I cooked and asked to watch cartoons (there’s a TV in the kitchen).  Because I’m mom and I know what he really wants to be is engaged instead, I gave him some play dough.  I also asked him if he would like to help me cook a little later.  He was thrilled.  Here are some bits of our everyday adventure.

Imagination (play dough animals) +

Following Directions & Fine Motor Skills (cleaning out peppers) +

Math Concepts (sorting peppers)  =

Healthy Life Ready Brain

Is it important? Yes.  Does it require lots of energy?  No.

When you close the television door, the world opens.  Step into your Parent Power!  You can most definately do this!


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