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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

It’s amazing how caught up we get when it comes to teaching, occupying, or even entertaining our children.

We recently drove by a fruit and vegetable stand and my prince inquired what it was.  “It’s a fruit and vegetable stand papi.  The owners of the stand sell fruits and vegetables to people so they can take them home to eat them.” 

His inquiry struck a cord.  I’d bought vegetables and fruits a thousand times with my prince.  We’d put plenty of them in our shopping cart and counted them.  I often cook with my prince.   Hadn’t I?  Hadn’t we?  Didn’t I?

Well, yeah but…he’s 2! Life and all of its details are still novel!  Where have I been?  Inspired by my “aha moment” we have been discovering and re-discovering fruits for two weeks and counting.  Among our discoveries? Seeds!  Turns out they are all different.  

Not all fruits are sweet either.  Some fruits he’d never even tasted or seen before like this “soursop” or “guanabana.”   We’ve googled, felt, peeled, chopped, blended, and tasted all kinds of fruits these two weeks.  We even stopped back by the fruit and vegetable stand where the prince helped pack tangerines in a sack and was paid in fruit  (3 tangerines and 2 bananas to be exact)!

Don’t believe the hype.  You are more than able to create a world of adventure and learning in your own living room (or kitchen) right with what is available to you at all price points.  You don’t need a store bought science kit to teach your child a science lesson.  Turns out all you need is a pepper and a knife.

We can do this! Parent Power.


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