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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

A quick google search on “pre-literacy” will send you straight into a journey of the “importance of phonemic awareness.”  You can’t miss it!

A quick google search on “phonemic awareness” takes you to this:

” Phonemic awareness is the understanding that words are made up of sounds which can be assembled in different ways to make different words. Once a child has phonemic awareness, they are aware that sounds are like like building blocks that can be used to build all the different words.”

“…research indicates that it (phonemic awareness) is the best predictor of the ease of early reading acquisition (Stanovich, 1993-94), better even than IQ, vocabulary, and listening comprehension.”

“It requires readers to notice how letters represent sounds. It primes readers for print.  It gives readers a way to approach sounding out and reading new words. It helps readers understand the alphabetic principle (that the letters in words are systematically represented by sounds). ”

And on and on it goes…

Turns out mastering phonemes is a really big deal so is linking each phoneme (sound) and letter (print).

What if all of our children could walk into kindergarten mastering these skills, without having been drilled or challenged beyond their developmental capabilities?  How absolutely, positively, rad would that be?

Turns out, it’s totally possible.  Now everyone that knows me, KNOWS that my Parent Power philosophy usually involves beans and dry pasta and homemade nick nacks! I hate pricey things that somehow displace parents or classical parenting.  I’m old school like that.

Okay, let’s put the beans aside for a minute…you guys must all learn about Souns.  I’ll be honest, this post sounds a little like an infomercial. Just the other day, one of my sisters asked “are you an investor?” I am that excited about this! 

You see, I never was worried about the prince’s future experience with reading.  He loves books. He loves stories. He has a wicked ability to memorize.  We have a balanced mix of auditory and visual activities worked into our routine.  We play sequence games and create our own picture books weekly.  We sing nursery rhymes. We freestyle rap.  I excercise my Parent Power liberally (smile). I got this!

Souns however informally-formalizes (my blog, my grammar, my language) the phonemic awareness bit.  I now know the prince (and as many children as I can touch through this medium and my work) will confidently and organically master a whole list of skills that children are known to struggle through and be challenged by.  And we are doing it without worksheets and pressure and madness!  If that’s not a big deal I don’t know what is.  By the way, I wouldn’t call Souns pricey. Just a little more that my $5 usual.

Here’s a short taste of the prince playing with his Souns.  Does he look pressured to you?  What if we can get all 2, 3, and 4 year olds to master their “souns” and never miss a beat?  It’s just fun play as usual! 

Add Souns to our love for stories, sensory boxes, audio stories, affirmations, healthy meals, cheerio bracelets, and finger paint…and I’m tell you right now…we CAN do this! Parent Power!

For more info on Souns visit their website directly: or follow @CounterPane on Twitter


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