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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

“An affirmation is a compliment you give yourself”  says the track. (Affirmation Weaver by Stress Free Kids)

In a world of uncertainty and tons of reminders of what they can’t do, what better than to teach your kids, no matter how small, to affirm themselves with compliments?  One of my wise, soul sisters advised me “as soon as he can say a few words, you can start teaching him affirmations.” And so, I did. Our first affirmation was “I am gentle with others.”  This was at around 22 months.  It helped a whole lot since my prince has always been fairly strong and rough for his age.  Some of our current ones are: I am strong, I am smart, I am kind.  We say them before we go to off to preschool and when we come home. 

Although, Stree Free Kids states that their CDs are for 6+ kids, the prince and I use the series to transition from bedtime stories to well…bedtime.  We also use them after a tantrum (yeah, he has those) or a time-out if we need to reflect and become aware of our feelings and actions.  He’s 2.5.  

Here’s a video.  Watch his face respond to the affirmations (that toddler brain is at work)! 

Audio stories like nursery rhymes and other oral traditions help children under 5 build their listening and memory skills.  They should be a part of any sensory mix.

For more information on StreeFree Kids visit:

By the way, if you have preschool boys, I challenge you to push and give your boys the tools to manage their emotions and conflicts.  They will need it!  For more on the dynamics of boys and the culture of schools visit:

Parent Power! In the end, it IS up to US!


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