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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Ask any kindergarten or first grade teacher and she’ll tell you that more and more children are having trouble with writing.  They aren’t referring to being able to develop a story either.  They are talking about  plain writing. 

Kids aren’t getting enough play time to build fine motor skills.  They need to learn to control and strenghtened those little hands before they can learn to write.  It’s doesn’t just happen on its own.  Some preschoolers and toddlers are on a computer and other handheld electronics more often than they are on a table cutting, rolling, kneading, painting, gluing, and touching!  That’s a major problem.

Here’s a video of the prince cutting up cheap colorful straws into bits in pieces.  A few packs of straws (just one shown) ran me less than $5.  At some point we will sort straws by color (builds math reasoning skills) and then, we will use all those cut straws as the “filler” material for our next sensory box.  One day my prince will write…one day.  Until the day comes, we be here cutting, painting, kneading…

You can do this! Parent Power!


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