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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Note: My FlipCam & digital camera are both at shop. I haven’t left you guys!  Don’t mind my low pixel phone camera shots.

It’s our first warm weather winter!  In celebration of such a WONDERFUL occassion, I have taken every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with my prince.  After all, it is his favorite place to be.

Most of us can remember how much we liked being outside as kids. Unfortunately, outside play is a dying passtime.  Urban living poses challenges.  Busy parent lives and children “schedules” reduce playtime to a time constraint.  So many of us fool ourselves into believing that somewhere between KinderMusik (which I do have an appreciation for) and Little Gym and playdates and and and…outside play is optional.

Well, its not. Babies and toddlers thrive on it! Read

The prince and I recently took a walk in the forest.  Join us.

It is amazing how many words and concepts we were able to go over.   In this picture: “way up” “high” “pull.”

In this picture: tree trunk, big/small, snail, shell.

In this picture: tree roots, over and under, soil, ground, eat, nutrients, grow.

Oh look, we found the letter V in a tree!

In this picture: Let’s explore!

In this picture: It took a LOT of work, but we did find a snail with the tentacles in plain sight! The prince was very excited.

In this picture: furniture, build, creative, create, chair, living room, wood, wood sticks, branches.

In this picture: Sometimes tots just need to run, so let them.

Turns out this forest is open 7 days a week, has free parking, and no cover!  You won’t know, unless you GO!  We can do this! Parent Power!


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