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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

I usually try to get my prince to do some type of fun play activity that he can do by himself while I get ready in mornings. Today wasn’t the case, he was having a quick case of the I” love my mommy and want to play with her.” Quick! What to do?  I recently saw a sock matching board game at Borders that reminded me that I had never played tired any sock matching excercises. I rushed to the sock drawer and found 4 pairs (and after this first session…there WILL be a sock bag which will be my FREE-I-DONT-REALLY-BUY-TOYS version of the board game).  Even though we’d never played sock matching before, I knew I couldn’t make it too easy.  So, I picked two very different pair and then two dark pair (one brown and one blue) with different textures.  The two darks ones where there for him to pay attention to texture.

I showed him once and then let him try by himself.  Here’s the video:

Matching and sorting are great math concepts to introduce to your children early.  When you read about “match concepts” in books they sounds so…well, complicated. But you can sort and match anything to develop this skills without buying a thing!  The only thing you need is two of anything in your own house.  Sound simple enough?  Practice matching and sorting activities often.  They are an important part of getting your tot ready for Kindergarten and they are always fun.

Of course, a video of Six Soccer Sox aftwards tied in just fine!  Beginning sounds and counting PLUS matching? All in a morning’s work!

You can do this! We CAN do this! Parent Power!


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