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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

…parenthings-activities-programming…to bring you a snippet on nutrition!

After all, nutrition is the fuel required for all those great things we work hard to develop right?  Does it take work? Uh huh, does it ever!

When it comes to toys, programming, and educational “systems” I don’t fall for marketing stunts. I don’t fall for it with food either. I know what he needs. It’s not fiber added-preservative ridden-sugar filled cereal or heat and serve anything!  It’s not expensive fu-fu designer meals flown in on dry ice from some “celebrity’s” stash.  It’s brown rice and beans, its crunchy nutty cereal, its fiber, its omega-3, its protein!  WE have to take a stand for our kids.  As far as I’m concern, any stand that doesn’t include nutrition is by any other name–physically challenged!

 We CAN do this!


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