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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

The prince was stuck on his black bean and jungle animals for a long time. (almost 6 weeks…that’s an enternity in toddler years). Halloween came and went and I copped a great deal on bugs the “day after” at Walgreens.  Intrestingly enough, when I looked through the clearance cart, there were bags of beans on sale…a bag of white beans for $.72! Yes, the sensory gods where speaking…it was time for a bean rotation! I got 5 bags (all they had on the cart), some for now, some for later.  

Here are some videos of the prince and his white bean and critters experience.  Psss…the last one has an extra lesson.

Sidebar: I always make rounds the day of and day after a holiday for materials and get items 50-80%! Look for things you can use year round and that will add to your lesson plans or to sensory boxes.  But use your judgement if you like an item a lot, just buy it don’t wait for the 80% off the  next day. Chances are someone else loved it also. I always browse the day of and the day after and believe it or not, I go to more than one location. These critters in a bag where a HOT item but in the end after 3 visits to 3 Walgreens I got two bags for less than $1! The best thing ever…inside the big bag there was a little bag with tiny more “actual size” bugs that we now use for a counting game! I split up the insects between the sensory box and his bath toy bag. 3-in-1 for less than $1!

FYI, reuse beans and items you use in your sensory boxes. Just save them in an airtight containers toys and all! Use over and over again. My next box will most likely be um…a black and white bean one? Whatcha know about that?!


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