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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

All the experts say, “character recognition is a predictor for early literacy.”

You COULD buy your child this for $25 and see how it goes:

Maybe the funny sounding voice and the little sketches of animals will make sense as your child presses each letter? I mean, I guess it IS possible.

OR, you could plan to read books or stories about an animal or a specific letter you are trying to cover with your child (point out the letter and the sound it makes when you read the story) and alternate between reading books, doing crafts (non-crafty mom? It’s ok, a craft can be a worksheet you print out from the internet and make come alive by coloring, gluing, repasting, etc.), watching nature videos, and  acting out animals and nature concepts!

We are going with option B.  Its just about free and we have a hunch about it.

Besides, what’s so cool about your child knowing his ABCs? Don’t you want him or her to know about animals you never even knew existed + continents + food chain + nature wonders + + + ?

Yeah, we want the + + +

I recently started recording and archiving some of the videos & websites I’ve used for my technique. Hope you love it. If you don’t, I mean, there’s always Leapfrog!

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