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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Normally this blog is about activities to do with your child and in a way, this post is no different…well, just a tad.

Toddlers need routines.  It eases their anxiety and comforts them. I know. I know. Problem: every time I said, I was going to keep a routine I’d break it and feel defeated.

I printed a good dozen and even BOUGHT a routine chart! I could never stick to one. It’s just not me. I’m a list person. I’m a “loosely based on the story of” gal not a “from the memoirs of” type.  I’m grown I can fess up to that.

So I came up with a small check list of what was important for my prince and I to accomplish in the AM and PM. These were things that were practical and reflective of the values that I want to instill in him.

I’d love to tell you that I implemented this idea as soon as I had it, BUT it took me about two months to go from thought to actually writing the list and another month to print it and another month to laminate it. But…when I finally did it, I wish someone had told me or forced me to do this on the day the prince was born, or shortly after since after 32 hrs of labor I could have killed anyone trying to give me any advice much less a things to do list.

The great thing is that my prince and I go through it every morning and every evening.  Without the list, I’d sometimes forget a step or two but the list forces the structure on me because now, the prince forces me to follow it (he gets a sticker at end and really look forward to it)!

FYI, we do everything on the list, the order varies…its that “loosedly based thing” again.

Enjoy the videos! Parent power. We CAN do this.


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