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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

It’s always a joyful occassion when my son is engaged and occupied safely in his chair for 20-30 minutes (every day)…and let’s me get it on camera (not so easy)!

What can a few puff balls and a tong do? Develop fine motor skills, help your toddler to sort, count, and much more. You know…the basics, literacy and math…TV free and super cheap.

Check out these videos of the prince in action.

For an extra tip: Make a mom group, you don’t NEED 200 puffy balls or squiggly eyes. Packs supplies, usually run around $5, each mom puts $5 in the pot and get 5 packs of the basic things (feathers, puffs, wires, etc.) then split them.

 Enjoy. Parent Power! We CAN do this!


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