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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

Confession: it took me a while to understand that I, yes, I could plan out my son’s activities for weeks and months at a time. I would always be so overwhelmed, tired, and frazzled, so bombarded with ideas from the internet…it just seemed that I could never get it right.

Then one day, I found a curriculum program for daycares that basically included books and tons of activities and plans inspired by the books…I forget the fancy name… integrated lesson plans or something.


Holy Cow! I can do that! Find a book each week or month, plan activities inspired by the book, download worksheets from the internet, do crafts…all revolving around the book.  Then just like the set that was for sale in a compact bin, I could keep all my activities together for the week–the genius of it all! Btw, I later found out its not that genius, its actually how many teachers do it.  At the time, to me, it was as if God itself was whispering.

I figure there are tons of moms that have felt what I felt.  So, I’ve created videos describing the process I follow.  I included one video of the prince finishing a couple activies as well!   How could I resist?

Parent power! You CAN do this!




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