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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

I wanted to have a video of the prince playing this game for you guys but, it didn’t quite happen.

Th prince is funny.  We have lots of fun playing but, the second he finds out he’s being filmed he starts doing head stands or wants to see what’s going on the screen…yes, my little director.

So for today, just me will have to do.

As you will often find out on this blog, I am inspired by Montessori all the time, daily at that.   I suppose, I will buy a Montessori toy before I buy a DVD system every time.  Thing is I seldom buy toys at all.  I see no benefit.  

And let’s be honest, Montessori toys last a million years sure, but our babies don’t stay babies a million years (wish they did!) so, I’m sticking to my budget at all times!

Still and all…I was indeed inspired by a color matching Montessori toy a while back. I’ve been visiting my local Home Depot ever since.

Watch below for a super slick color matching game.

You CAN do this!  Parent Power!


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