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Parents doing Parent things

A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

A few posts ago (Sept. 16th) I added a video of a Crash Course on Sensory Boxes.  My prince had already been playing with that particular black bean box for a week or so.  Rather than make a new box altogether…I did what any sensible mom should do…add some sense! Yes, these are sensory boxes.  You have to think with your senses.

In comes…an aluminum pan…watch the prince’s reaction to the the sound of the beans falling on the pan.

It’s hard to get him on video since he always ends up wanting to be the director, but I caught some good moments.

Watch how you can address concepts like inside and outside, making clean up a part of process, and addressing descriptive words like “loud.”

TV free, product free, brand free and under $5 bucks!  Parent Power!


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