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A Parent Power Revolution Has Begun

It’s Sunday so I won’t blog or write too much.

This site and movement is mostly about multi-sensory experiences…cheap ones…simple ones.

Often, I will criticize websites, computer programs, and dvds.

But not today. Not (or its sister site

What do I love about these sites? They are easy, the concepts are simple, and they aren’t selling you wacky or expensive stuff. In fact, 99% of the materials on there are free and not full of ads.

So what can you and your little one learn on there, umm…let’s see…tried and true things like: shapes, letter recognition, colors…you know, all that passe stuff.

No brands, animated cartoons, no build an alien computer games.

Just basic numbers, shapes, letters, words. The stuff kids need.

A no hassle-multi-sensory-inexpensive-researchbased-timetested-experience—just goes to show…sometimes Hi-Tech is right. 

For best results:  Sit your toddler on your lap, cuddle, touch the computer screen, observe and comment on see what’s going on, listen to computer feedback. You can also download and print material free from site.

By the way, does take donations. So do we!


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